Riverside Stump Removal Cost

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Tree Services

Contrary to what most property owners would want, the job is not generally done the moment a tree is removed. The next step involves getting rid of the stump. Stump removal has a cost. However, this cost is necessary considering that tree stumps can slowly turn into hazards.

When the stumps are still visible, they will be taking from the curb appeal. When they get covered with overgrowth, they turn into tripping hazards. They can also damage your curb maintenance tools, including your lawn mowers.

Most Riverside residents are not familiar with the stump removal cost. If you have never gotten rid of a stump before, this article will give you an idea of the stump removal cost you should expect. The cost estimates in this article may not be the exact stump removal cost you should expect when you finally invite stump removal professionals to your property. However, by using a combination of the guidelines in this article, coming up with a rough estimate of your stump removal cost shouldn’t be complicated.

Riverside Stump Removal Cost

In Riverside, tree care professionals charge $162 to $473 to remove a stump. The average cost lies at $299. Irrespective of the amount of time taken to remove the stump, the minimum charge generally does not go below $100.

A combination of factors, including size, accessibility, and location, affect the stump removal cost. Spending money on the stump removal instead of handling it yourself will help you avoid spending thousands of dollars on repairing destroyed underground utilities. Stump removal experts will use their experience to get rid of the stumps without damaging any of your utilities.

Riverside Stump Removal Pricing Basis – Per Diameter Inch/Per Stump/Per Hour

Per Diameter Inch Basis

If the stump removal professionals you will be working with use a basis of per diameter inch, you should expect a stump removal cost of about $2 to $5 for each inch. To get the ideal diameter of the stump you want to get rid of, you should measure the diameter at the widest area, as close as possible to the ground. As we had mentioned earlier on, the stump removal professionals will charge at least $100. This means that even if the total per diameter inch stump removal cost is less than $100, you should still expect to pay a minimum of $100.

Per Stump

If you want the stump removal professionals to get rid of numerous stumps, you should expect a price of about $150 for the initial stump. Most Riverside professionals will offer their clients a price break and charge $50 for each of the remaining stumps.

Per Hour Basis

Depending on other factors, such as the stump-age, location, and accessibility, the cost of removing a single stump may be as low as $60 or even as high as over $350. The factors may increase the amount of time the stump removal service providers spend when getting rid of the stump. The more the time spent on the stump, the higher the total cost will be, if charged on a per hour basis.

Note: It is essential that you know the basis the stump removal professionals will use to charge you. By choosing the right basis, you may be able to reduce the stump removal cost.

Riverside Stump Grinding Cost

Most of the property owners in Riverside will invest in stump removal to improve the appearance and safety of their compound. Stump grinding is capable of achieving both of these. On average, stump grinding costs $200.

To grind a diameter inch, the stump grinders will require you to part with $3. When clearing huge areas, the majority of the stump removal professionals in Riverside will charge on a per hour basis. On average, every hour is worth $150.

Stump Grinding Cost Factors


The size is determined by measuring the diameter of the stump. After obtaining the diameter at the base of the stump, you can go ahead and multiply it with $3/inch to determine the overall cost to expect.


The time becomes a factor if the stump removal professionals are charging you on a per hour basis. Every hour may be worth $150.


The first stump may cost you between $100 to $150. The price may go down to $30 or $50 for the remaining stumps.

Root System

Root removal is charged on a per hour basis. Each hour is generally worth $150. The more complicated the root system, the more you will have to spend.

Clean Up

The cleanup cost will vary depending on how valuable the sawdust is and how much the waste disposal costs in your area. On average, you should expect to spend about $2/inch.

Renting a Grinder in Riverside

If you love turning activities into DIY projects, you may opt to grind the stumps on your own. This could help you save some of your money. In Riverside, the average stump grinder rent is approximately $190.

After renting your stump grinder, instead of immediately getting started with the grinding, you should talk to the utility companies in your area to determine if there are any utility lines running underground close to where you will be working. In some cases, you may also need to obtain a permit from the relevant authorities.

If you are determined to forego the stump removal cost charged by stump removal professionals, you should be prepared to rent a grinder at the costs outlined below:

  • Home Depot – $150/day for their 13hp grinder. Each week, you will pay $610.
  • United Rentals – To use an 11hp to 14hp grinder, you will have to spend $300 every day. Each week, you will spend $925.
  • Herc Rentals – You can access a 20 – 29hp grinder at a price of $250/day and $750/week.
  • Sunbelt – a 25hp grinder will be worth $365/day and $1400/week.

Stump Removal Cost for Other Methods

Riverside residents are not generally limited to stump grinding only. If you determine that you cannot afford the stump grinding cost, you can use the options below. While they still have a stump removal cost, they are cheaper.


The stump removal cost for this option will range between $6 and $100. You will need potassium nitrate and a power drill. Purchasing the potassium nitrate may be necessary, you could rent the power drill.

You will need to drill the stump and then use the potassium nitrate to initiate rotting. After the rotting, you can go ahead and build a fire to burn the stump. Alerting the fire department may be necessary. Also, precautions will go a long way in ensuring that the fire does not get out of hand.

Chemical Rooting

This method will also require you to use the potassium nitrate and a power drill. Instead of the burning, you will give the stump a couple of weeks to months for it to rot completely.

Manual Removal

If you are prepared to handle a lot of work, this is the ideal option for you. Digging and sawing through the roots will be necessary. The labor may be approximately $38/hour. You may need to invest in shovels and axes.

Riverside Stump Removal Cost Factors

The stump removal cost is not the same for all the stumps in Riverside. This is because of the following reasons:

1.    Size

Each diameter inch will cost $3 on average. The bigger the stump, the higher the cost.

2.    Location

Location affects the stump removal cost in 2 ways:

Market Cost

If you are in an urban area, your stump removal cost may be higher compared to someone whose property is in a rural area. Some of the things which increase the stump removal cost in urban areas include:

  • Overhead
  • Accessibility
  • Insurance
  • Permitting

For both urban and rural area dwellers, the minimum stump removal cost is $100.

Travel Costs

The travel rate is generally $0.55 per mile. The more miles the stump removal professionals have to cover before arriving at your specified location, the more travel fee you will have to pay.

3.    Tree Type

If experienced stump removal professionals are handling a high-quality stump grinder, the majority of the tree species should take the same amount of time to grind. This means that if the tree type factor affects the stump removal cost, it will have minimal effect.

Hardwood tree stumps, including hickory, oak, birch, elm, and aspen, may take more time to grind. This means that their grinding cost may be higher.

4.    Root System

The roots may cost you an additional $100 to $200 depending on how complicated they are. For the normal grinders to remove the roots, they generally require additional attachments.

5.    Soil Condition

The soil condition may not necessarily affect the stump removal cost. Stump removal professionals consider the soil condition in their operating area when coming up with their stump removal costs. However, in the rare cases of incredibly rocky soil, you may have to pay a higher stump removal cost.

6.    Preparation and Cleanup Cost

You can prepare the stump removal area before the stump removers arrive to eliminate the preparation cost. The cleanup cost is general $2 on average.

Reasons to Invest in Stump Removal

  • Improve the appearance of your property.
  • Eliminate hazards.
  • Get rid of pest habitats.
  • Keep sprouts from growing from the roots of the stump.

Hiring Professionals Versus DIY Stump Removals

It is possible to save up to $200 by turning the stump removal into a DIY project. If you cannot remove the stump yourself, you can still reduce the stump removal cost by prepping the stump removal area ahead of the removal. By reducing the time professionals spend on the removal, you will reduce the stump removal cost.

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