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by | Feb 25, 2019 | Tree Services

While your trees may currently appear appealing and healthy, as time goes, some of your trees will approach their genetic potential. When this happens, you will immediately notice a decrease in the trees’ appeal. They will slowly change from healthy and lush trees to unappealing trees capable of taking from your curb appeal over time.

The only ideal way to deal with trees after they reach their genetic potential is to remove them. If you have not had trees on your property for a very long time, chances are, you are yet to invest in removing a tree. This suggests that you may not know the tree removal cost to expect. This article will take you through the tree removal cost range. While telling you the exact tree removal cost may be impossible, we can show you how the cost varies based on various factors.

Riverside Tree Removal Cost Factors

Tree removal experts in Riverside charge an average tree removal cost of $651. The tree removal cost can go down to $75 or up to over $1500 based on the following factors:


The height of the tree can drive the tree removal cost up or down. As you would expect, the tree removal cost is directly proportional to the height. What we mean by this is the taller the tree, the higher the tree removal cost. Trees in Riverside are classified under 4 main categories. The categories are as indicated below:

  • Small trees – These trees feature a height of below thirty feet.
  • Medium trees – The height for these trees lies between 30 feet and 60 feet.
  • Large trees – The height for these trees is below 80 feet but over 60 feet.
  • Very large trees – These trees are rare in Riverside. Their height exceeds 80 feet.

Tree Condition

Tree removal is not always made necessary by the fact that trees have reached their genetic potential. In some instances, you may need to remove a tree because it puts your safety at risk. To remove dangerous trees, more effort is necessary. Arborist inspection may be necessary to determine how the tree removal should be conducted without harming anyone or your property. For the increased effort, you may incur an increased tree removal cost.

Different factors influence tree condition, including:

  • History – Trees could lose their stability as a result of recent construction close to the roots.
  • Lean – An indicator of tree unstableness includes exposed roots and a leaning tree trunk.
  • Multiple trunks – If the trunks feature a weak connection, such as a cracking joint, there is an increased chance that the heavier trunk may end up falling during the tree removal process.
  • Weak branches – Branches featuring a weaker V-shaped connection on a tree have a high potential of falling during the tree removal process. Trees featuring weaker branches may feature a high tree removal cost.
  • Decay/Cavities – These are both weak points. They make the tree removal process harder.

Dead Trees

Small, dead trees have a lower tree removal cost when compared to live small trees. Larger, dead trees have a higher tree removal cost when compared to larger, live trees. The reasons are pretty obvious. It is riskier to remove a huge, dead tree while it is much easier to remove a dead, small tree.

You can find Riverside tree removal experts who can charge the same tree removal cost to remove both live and dead trees irrespective of their size. These experts are hard to come by. You should be, therefore, prepared to pay a higher tree removal cost for the large, dead trees.


Sawing through a short but thicker tree is tough than sawing through a taller but thin tree. As the diameter increases, the tree removal cost generally increases.

After the tree has been brought down, most property owners do need the tree removal professionals to slice up the tree. This will cost you money if the tree is thicker. The slicing price will increase significantly if the tree is a hardwood species.


Accessibility is a huge consideration when calculating the tree removal cost. For example, if the Riverside tree removal professionals are supposed to deal with utility lines and nearby structures, more effort is needed to make sure that neither of the tree limbs nor the branches harms the utilities.

In some instances, it may be necessary to cut the branches and much of the upper tree part and then lower these parts down slowly to the ground using a rope. If your tree is in between healthy and younger trees – trees you want to retain – a lot of time will be consumed when removing the tree.

If the tree is in a position where it cannot be accessed using a bucket truck and a crane, someone may have to climb the tree. Due to all the risks involved during the removal of the trees which are close to utility lines and structures, the tree removal cost can be driven up by about 25 – 50% by the tree location.

The Tree Removal Cost in Riverside

Small Tree Removal Cost

If the height of the tree you would like to remove does not exceed 30 feet, you should expect to pay around $125 to $437 to get rid of the tree. As you probably already know, the small trees feature the most affordable tree removal cost. Less effort is needed to bring the tree down.

The tree removal professionals may have to call the utility company and also inspect the tree location to determine the direction your tree is supposed to face when it is falling. If there are any underground or above ground utilities close to the tree removal area, you may need to pay some more money. Prepping the tree removal area before the tree removal professionals arrive could help you save some of your money.

Medium Tree Removal Cost

If your property features 30 to 60 feet tall trees, on average, you should expect to spend $175 to $900 whenever you need to get rid of a tree. The tree removal cost will increase from $175 as the height increases from 30 feet. After the tree removal, tree owners are often forced to spend more money on the following:

  • Cleanup
  • Stump removal
  • Debris removals

Before hiring tree removal experts, talk to the professionals to determine the basis they will use to charge you. You may spend different amounts of cash depending on whether you are being charged per tree or per hour.

Large Tree Removal Cost

Trees whose height ranges between 60 and 80 feet will take approximately $400 to $1000 from your bank account. No property owner would want to remove a tree from his or her property without a varied reason. However, on rare occasions, there is nothing you can do but get rid of your favorite tree. Some of the causes of large tree removal include:

  • Storm damage
  • Major health complications or attack by pests
  • Nearby utility lines

A lot of caution has to be observed when taking down large trees. In most instances, tree removal professionals prefer to remove the branches before felling the tree. It is possible for you to reduce the tree removal cost by offering to handle some of the activities during the tree removal process. For safety purposes, most of the Riverside tree removal professionals won’t accept the help of someone who is not familiar with the tree removal process.

Very Large Tree Removal Cost

If you have trees exceeding 80 or 100 feet, such as the American ash and oak, you should be prepared to pay $942 to $1000 to remove the trees. Some of the things which drive the large tree removal cost up include:

  • Time needed
  • Labor involved
  • Ropes and climbing equipment
  • Nearby strictures
  • Utility lines

Palm Tree Removal Cost

Palm trees featuring a height of 30 feet and below need their owners to part with about $150 – $450. If your palm tree has been around for numerous years, there is a chance that it could be 80+ feet. The removal of 80+ feet palm trees will cost about $1100 to $1500. One of the main reasons Riverside residents prefer removing tall palm trees is the fact that they put too much stress on the roots. Over time, they could turn into hazards.

Pine Tree Removal Cost

Pine tree removal cost generally does not exceed $200 if the tree height is under 40 feet tall. Trees featuring a height of more than 80 feet will cost about $1500 to remove. If your pine tree species features cones, these together with the branches may have to be removed first. The cones may drive the tree removal cost up considering that the tree removal professionals will have to use a lot of protective gear and also be cautious to keep the cones from hurting them.

Oak Tree Removal Cost

You should expect the amount you spend on the oak tree removal to range between $200 and $1000. These trees feature an average height of 60 feet. They are hardwood tree species. This means that sawing through them won’t be an easy task.

Fallen Tree Removal Cost

For fallen trees, most of the work necessary when removing a tree has already been done by nature. Depending on the size and species of the tree, you should expect the tree removal cost to range between $75 and $150. Additional charges may be incurred if the tree branches have to be removed and the tree split for use as firewood.

Additionally, if you need the professionals to remove the stump, an additional cost of approximately $150 – $75 may be needed. The stump removal cost depends on the stump diameter. The price for removing the stump may be higher or lower depending on whether you want the professionals to grind or remove the stump completely.

Extra Services Costs

No one loves unexpected surprises, especially when they involve spending more money. One of the reasons property owners have to deal with unexpected costs when removing a tree is that they expect the quoted tree removal cost to cover all the activity involved during and after removing the tree. This is usually not the case, in Riverside and the majority of other US cities. You may incur additional charges on the following activities.

Stump Removal

After the tree has been brought down, the stump will remain standing. To get rid of the stump, spending extra cash is often necessary. Depending on factors like the number of stumps, the root system, how hard the stump is, the service provider you decide to work with, and the stump diameter, the price may be higher or low. Below, we have a guide on the stump removal costs you should expect:

  • Diameter – Each diameter inch is generally worth $2 to $3. The minimum stump removal cost is usually quoted at $100 in Riverside.
  • Per stump – Most of the tree service providers specializing in offering stump removal services charge $150 for the first stump. The additional stumps generally cost approximately $50 each.
  • Land clearing – Riverside stump removal professionals charge $150/hour to clear a land off numerous stumps.


For your trees to keep your curb appeal looking great, their trimming is generally necessary. Smaller trees generally require non-invasive trimming. On top of making the trees more appealing, it increases exposure to sunlight. Additionally, the rainwater reaches the roots more easily.

Trimming costs about $75 to more than $1000 depending on how big the tree is. The average cost lies between $250 and $500. Factors affecting the trimming cost include the ones mentioned below:

  • Accessibility
  • Location
  • The period of time that has passed since the last trimming
  • Tree health


This maintenance practice helps tree owners get rid of health complications and other issues which affect parts of the tree. Tree pruners focus on getting rid of the branches which have weak V angles and those which cross other branches. On most instances, the tree pruning cost will be the same as tree trimming cost. In some cases, the pruning cost may be higher than the trimming cost.

Limb Chipping/Removal

Limb chipping/removal is generally included in the quoted price. To avoid surprises, however, confirm whether the price is charged separately.

  • Chipping – This could cost you between $65 and $150.
  • Removal – To haul the limbs away, you may need to pay an additional $50.

Log Splitting

This will cost you about $75. This service is ideal for tree owners who want to use the logs cut from a felled tree as firewood. Splitting the logs yourself can help you avoid the log splitting cost.

Travel Fee

This is generally necessary if the tree removal service providers have to cover very long distances before reaching your home. The average travel fee increases as the travel distance increases.

Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree removals may not be costly if the tree removal professionals have to work on their normal work hours. However, if the tree has to be removed at night or after work hours, you may incur extra charges.

Things like storms are capable of turning healthy trees into trees which have the potential to threaten your safety. To make sure that hazardous trees are removed correctly, arborist consultation may be necessary. This may increase the tree removal cost.

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