New Functional Tree Service Website Launched by Home Service Direct

by | May 10, 2022 | Tree Services

After years of relying on customers to just visit our offices to request tree service procedures, we have managed to launch our first website. Created by Home Service Direct, the new website ensures all our customers can access tree service procedures with a simple tap of a button.

The new website was created with ease of use as the main goal. Anyone—irrespective of his level of experience with modern websites—can request tree service procedures in a minute. Other features that Home Service Direct added to our tree service website include:

Mobile and Website Designs

Home Service Direct understood that our customers request tree service procedures via mobile phones and desktop computers. When we checked the new website on both a computer with a 24-inch screen and then on a mobile device with a 7-inch screen, we were surprised to see the website displayed perfectly.

All the essential website features popped up perfectly and were easily accessible on the screen without having to scroll to the left or the right. This will ensure that our customers aren’t struggling when ordering tree service procedures.

Great Copy

Home Service Direct engaged an experienced team of copywriters to create copy for all the pages on the website. The copywriters talked to our clients and even competing tree service companies to come up with great content for the website. When someone loads up the website and reads through the copy, he/she understands what we do and what he/she needs to do to get our services.

Easy Navigation

Home Service Direct made it extremely easy for website visitors to find what they are looking for on the website. The menu items are perfectly situated so that the homeowners don’t have to scroll around on the website looking for them.

High Loading Speed

Even though the new website has graphics and a lot of content on it, it loads fully in less than 2 seconds. This means that our customers will never have to bounce off because the website takes too long to display the information they are looking for.


Home Service Direct understood that for us to catch the attention of customers, our website needed a unique appearance. Instead of copying designs already available on the web, Home Service Direct sat down with the best graphic designers to come up with a design that would stand out from the crowd.

Search Engine Optimized

Our website is already optimized to pop up when customers search keywords related to the services we offer. With more than 80% of customers searching online for companies that provide tree improvement services, search engine optimization should give us a great shot at bringing in a large number of customers effortlessly.

Our team is extremely impressed with the work done by Home Service Direct on the website. We are grateful we found Home Service Direct when looking for a company to partner with on the website design. The company did not disappoint us.

Click around on the new website to see the experience our customers will be enjoying. See how easy it will be for these homeowners when they decide to take advantage of tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, or emergency tree service.

If you need help with your marketing strategy for tree care business or tree service lead experts, we would recommend that you talk to Home Service Direct via [email protected] and (833) 827-4425. Also, to see how our team can improve the health and overall appearance of your trees, visit our brand-new website at

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