Trim or Remove Trees & Shrubs

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Tree Services

For trees and shrubs to maintain an appealing look and stay healthy, trimming is necessary. Apart from boosting the aesthetic appeal of trees and shrubs, trimming helps get rid of pest-infested and diseased limbs. In most instances, this is enough to keep the disease and pests from spreading, hence, saving the tree.

After a specific period of time, depending on the tree or shrub species, the tree/shrub will reach its genetic potential. When this happens, the shrubs and trees will stop offering their intended value, hence, making their removal necessary.

Whether your goal is to trim or remove trees shrubs, you will have to use some of your money. This article will show you the factors affecting the cash you may spend to trim or remove trees shrubs.

Riverside Tree/Shrub Removing/Trimming Cost Factors

Type of Tree

If the professionals have to remove trees shrubs featuring complicated root systems, they will charge more money when compared to when they have to remove trees shrubs featuring less complicated roots. More time will be necessary to saw through the complicated roots, and hence the higher costs.

Some trees feature more branches. To trim these trees, more effort, and sometimes, special tools may be required. This will make trimming big shrubs/trees more expensive.

Tree Height

More risk is involved when removing tall trees when compared to removing the shorter trees. To keep the upper part from falling on your utility or structures, roping branches down when trimming taller trees may be necessary. This tells you that as the height increases, the cost incurred to trim or remove trees shrubs increases.

Power Lines

Branches cannot be allowed to fall freely if there are power lines nearby. Branches will have to be cut while attached to a rope so that they can be lowered down slowly. For this extra effort, you will need to spend more money on tree/shrub removal and trimming.

Fallen Wood

You will spend much less to remove trees shrubs which have already fallen. The cost may vary depending on how big the shrub or tree is. If you want the wood pieces to be split, you may have to spend some more money. You can, however, avoid the extra cost by splitting the wood yourself.

Stump Removal/Grinding

After the tree/shrub removal, you will still be stuck with stumps on your compound. To get rid of the stump, you will need to invest some additional money into the stump removal. You can opt for stump grinding or complete stump removal.

More effort is necessary to remove the stump completely. This service will, therefore, cost you more money. Stump grinding can solve the majority of the stump-related problems. Since grinding is cheaper, most of the Riverside residents opt to use this option.


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